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About ChubbyBrain

We are data geeks who believe that data, appropriately and thoughtfully applied, can help entrepreneurs like you become more successful by saving you both time and money as well as ultimately making you more money.

Our first publicly released algorithm is the Funding Recommendation Engine (FRE). The FRE takes about 5 minutes to complete and uses inputs you provide about your business and its funding needs to identify angel investors, venture capital and private equity firms, grant programs and banks that match your business based on their actual funding and investment history (not what they say they invest in). We encourage you to read more about the Funding Recommendation Engine to learn how it works and how it may help you.

In addition to data-driven tools, we offer education guides based on common questions we hear from entrepreneurs. The Brain’s Guides are in plain English, comprehensive and most importantly, balanced. They currently cover:

Where does all of your data come from?

The source of the data that underlies the Funding Recommendation Engine and other algorithms we will launch comes from our company’s primary product, CB Insights.

CB Insights is used by venture capitalists, angel investors, investment bankers, private equity professionals, serious entrepreneurs and those engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (lawyers, advisors, valuation firms, etc) to assist with deal sourcing, due diligence and market intelligence on high growth private companies.