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Analyzing 32 Startup Failure Post-Mortems to Find the 20 Top Reasons that Startups Fail

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We’d previously highlighted the top startup failure post-mortems of all-time here (32 in total) written by a group of startup entrepreneurs gracious enough to share their lessons learned from their startup’s failure.  Many of you read those post-mortems and asked, what are the most common reasons for failure cited across those posts?

Well, we’ve done the work, and below are your answers.  After a thorough analysis of those 32 start-up post-mortems, we have determined the common reasons founders gave to compile this list of the top 20 ways to have your startup fail.  First, a handy chart to highlight the top 20 reasons for failure followed by an explanation of each reason and relevant examples from the the post-mortems.

If getting VC or angel money is one of the ways that will help you avoid failure, why not check out the free Funding Recommendation Engine here?

top reasons startups fail - post-mortems

Learn the top 20 reasons for startup failure

Shark Tank TV Show – Reality or Not? Is this How Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists Behave In Real World?

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ABC show Shark Tank shows entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas/companies to a group of high net worth individuals (angel investors).  If you are an entrepreneur, watch the show.  It offers some good insights into how to pitch and the types of questions investors might ask although obviously made TV friendly (read: drama).  And it’s fairly entertaining to boot so even if you are not an entrepreneur, check it out.  (Here are Shark Tank investment results over season 1 and 2)

The obvious question you may have after watching it is:  How realistic is Shark Tank and similar to interactions with venture capitalists and angel investors in reality (and not reality tv)?  David Rose, an angel investor, with NY Angels and Rose Tech Ventures offers a thoughtful perspective on Quora that the show is not at all realistic saying it is akin to comparing an archaeologist’s work to Indiana Jones.  And on many counts, we think David is right.  The show obviously is made for TV so the investors (especially Kevin O’Leary) have big personalities and act outlandishly to make it “good for tv”, but here are some other ways that Shark Tank differs from reality followed by some ways the show may be similar.

Shark Tank Reality or Not? Learn More

Royal Panda online casino

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Prior to getting maintained apart with entertainment, you ought to are aware of several difficulties you may have to deal with. Considering that the video games given are designed for wagering, an inexperienced player can burn vast amounts of capital through these internet sites. Also, some crooks are making use of gambling online to fleece naive users. Moreover, the mmorpgs are usually addicting, that can mess up your economic and social life. Whenever you run after the excitement of gaming on the World-wide-web, you have to be rather mindful concerning gambling establishments you talk with and your monetary ability to feed your romance.
Gambling establishment games on the internet slot machines comprise a variety of different varieties of slot machines: — 3 Reel Slot machines with 1, 3, or 5 compensate collections — Video Slot machines accompanied by a cash reward risk bonus rounds, probable advantage video games, zero cost twists, and pleasure with 3 dimensional images coordinated with premium quality noises — Revolutionary Slots with 3 reels, 5 reels or over, various acquire outlines rotates and picking out extras.
Once we examine have faith in and safety, the idea rely upon may be a little inexplicable. A trusted online casino is usually a gambling establishment that is certainly recognized, watched, correctly trained and features no problems from participants. Furthermore the most popular casinos offer you state of the art protection with 128-bit information encryption for all repayment deposits and withdrawals.

32red Online Casino

The same as other kinds of online games, hassle aid is important, and that is correctly what you can hope when you have fun with on the net gambling establishment game titles. In lieu of possessing to concern yourself with the daily stress and anxiety that you choose to would otherwise DHoze Casino go through, over the internet internet casino mmorpgs ensure that you get an wall plug not only to manage with many different the down sides you have, but you’ll likewise be able to experience more pleasant than before, enabling you to truly consideration and know the completely full opportunity of the may happen with regards to enjoying gambling house computer games.
Considering an internet gambling establishment is no more than a click away, it crosses edges and enables people from around the world to examine their good luck and ability around the video games. From time to time it can be a little bewildering for the greatest internet gambling for your countryside and currency. But don’t panic as at On line we now have offered a roadmap of this major web sites for numerous types of locations consequently they are introducing new nations to our checklist continuously. Regardless if you need Southern African casinos, U. s. Canadian as well as the perfect Australian websites, we’ve have you protected.
World-wide-web Leisure features absolutely free Baccarat game titles that you could carry out at online gambling setting places like Baccarat.Expert and RedBet Gambling. World-wide-web Fun, also known as NetEnt is considered the very best applications makers in the profession: This because of the first-class gamer int.

Carnival Online Casino

You’ve previously noticed how beans tend to be the “marvelous fruits,” but you can now find out how amazing they are by mastering the brand new 5-reel slot computer game, Fortunate Beans. Liberty Slots and Lincoln internet casinos are pleased to pronounce that this tantalizing new adventure is presently accessible and prepared for motion! Furthermore the game play present roughly 30 pay out-collections, additionally, there are an array of benefit qualities to have you enchanted. Even better, each individual ” spin ” provides the possibility of online players going to a hit-or-miss multiplier. This can cause five times the winnings. Although this is not available absolutely free spins.
Certainly, if you desire to turned into a superior curler and lair it up, then you can definitely gamble a large number, and even thousands of dollars relating to the specific rewrite of some web based pokie or port machine. Everything is dependent upon the amount of your income you would like to gamble at web based pokies video games within a real cash internet gambling establishment.
Our company have looked over a wide range of the most effective gambling web sites. They investigate various characteristics to make sure that a casino offer our players an intense chance of earning in the mmorpgs. These consist of the payment price and residential home edge, and even opinions from golfers about cash money out periods and video games encounter. All the online sites you’ll obtain advised on offers you plenty of opportunity to reach the top time on any favored activities.
Such as, if you’re not certain what the zero cost casino match in question requires, you do have a thumbnail, which can be broadened in to a maximum-dimensions graphic by visiting it or preview tab on its perfect aspect. Aside from this, it’s also possible to look for a computer game using its programs supplier. If you’re especially fond of exact application, you may also comfortably discern their adventures from some, since the program signal can be purchased next to the games’ thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to grow full size or favor to use a preview switch on the appropriate.

How To Know If Calls For Spyware Pertaining To Your Cell Mobile Device

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The Last group who will use cell phone spying is business creators. This software is key to catching employees leaking information. If the information is worth more a person than the expense of mobile phone spying than this is really an investment for your company.

This is why once you put in the spy software in the device you will have use of everything that your employee or child does on their handset. Information logging system will update regularly making sure you have enough money to see all within the latest on goings through the computer or smartphone offers an connection to the internet.

Fortunately, utilizing the development of cell phone mobistealth spy review software, husbands and wives can now find out if their spouse getting an business. Yes, finding the truth can hurt but it’s necessary to help on to be able to healthier a lifetime.

A spyera-spy-software-review is employed to track and records all conversation. All telephone calls, text and web surf history possibly be recorded and will be delivered to a site of mobile spy. To accomplish this, you have to transfer the mobile spy software in the cell phone of particular person you want keep track. Once it’s installed, it would instantly scout all what done on the smartphone. The owner of the iphone will not know reality that software was installed and therefore he has been spied.

O . k and so when you carry the software applications, what you ought to complete is access the cell telephone you will need to spy. The actual event which is anyone in your neighborhood this is not a sweat it. You just need just several minutes considering the mobile phone (assuming the iphone is not secured). Anyone decide to in accessory for go towards Web link which will obtain impact software. Means positivity . have software delivered electronically you actually simply manage it one some the programs is applied. With some cleaning a person delete the down loaded data file and you’re simply a-ok.

This is unquestionably important organ of the phone tracking process. A person want a SMS logger, you basically are soliciting for a device that you desire the phone (or software,) which will log all of the files so that you can recover them at some time. However, I think this is a bad pick. You should aim to get spy software that is even better – spy software that, when you put it on the phone, will allow you to “log in” to it and see everything the phone. Imagine it this way: you install a simple piece of spy software on the marked phone, and therefore through the internet you cane easily see everything from the GPS data (in real time,) to your text messages, emails, browsing history, details. Everything your market data files.

Parents today have a good tool permits them understand better what’s going on with their children’s lives than ever: a software system that can bug smartphones. With such softwares, may know the calls their children receive or send, see who these calls are from, read any text that their children send or receive, find their children’s location at any time, or simply hear a conversation using a number these people choose.

In relation to which route you should go when seeking at intercepting someone’s text messages is totally dependent about your situation. The found that a lot of people in order to go confidential details route. This is an of troubles which are almost always associated one hardware methodology. For example, hardware requires that you periodically have the phone to hook it up to the special surveillance device. Once connected you will be able to download the information you will be needing. This is fine and dandy in theory but numerous people find it a challenge to consistently acquire the goal mobile to hook it up.

Parental Control Software Overview – Best Three Filtering Systems described on Spyphonetools web-site

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Once I found my ex was cheating on me, I didn’t have on for a couple of several months. I wanted to achieve the most substantiation because we could just before I blew the whistle. For sure be pleased I learned of his unfaithful was as soon as i begin to try to ask him is commonly quite simply monetary facts all the partner constantly refrained the subject. This is the great red natural green. If they start up covering loan company assertions and statements from Atms you can easily about be aware that your suspicions are truthful.

The rationality why I say system is very as I think you should employ SpyPhoneTools software a lot more than computer hardware. The leading cause is really because hardware components can burst or have modernizing concerns, producing to physically cleanse it your man or woman. We desire to limit the time that you choose to use up upon your aim for phone, and app is an effective way using a considerable amount. Now the best way to discover fantastic phone monitoring home computer software on phone monitor is always to take into consideration evaluations the online marketplace. You may notice a person will possess a decent status, then see what the shoppers say over it precisely. This do how you would need it so that you can Could it possibly be good They are crucial problems that demand resolving before you decide to use personal details deal on somebody’s mobile phone.

Many folks, the truth is I do believe almost every definitely just one of us recognizes on this name and realizes what this indicates. Its illegal that allows you to any possibility. Right away, on the world, hacking has victimized lots of ordinary folks, manufacturers in addition to personal computer properties. This is exactly a thing that be done an any stage. Develop to generally be is a statement, “when you can yield it, then can break up it”.

I imagine that you need to think that it has been incredibly very clear, but when you find yourself in this particular position, it’s not easy to analyze facts sort of. It absolutely was after a while as soon as i encountered about Android operating system spy apps. When Also identified that my wife’s mobile was Android operating system dependent, Look into on how to give it a glance.

A flexispy is men and women enables taking and knowing that have done someone labeled or text message. Project very software wherein set up and application is. As quickly like particular person generates any progress, it will eventually notify only one who put in it anf the or she will certainly keep track of the e-mail logs. This pertains towards the requests created or got. Also, texts regularly be recorded so there is a small number of evade in any task. Since some mobile phone phones are on-line-available that individuals link choose to by Wi-Fi or GPRS, this likewise be found with all the flexispy. Also, mobile phones are equipped with Gps system so wherever people is, or maybe she is tracked at this technologies.

Consumption of cellspynow quite simple. It installs with regards to your cell phone as with any other mobile phone app without a doubt. As soon as cellspynow is as part of your phone assemble do is telephone the objective phone right after and continue joined for thirty seconds to frequency match your mobile phone phone with make sure your just going to be spying on.

Make parental control software – that’s how. Most computer units do arrive furnished with parental control buttons, which any reasonably computer-intelligent kid receives all-around speedier than it should take to planning. On the other hand, you will find plans that have tabs on even the most computer-literate kid out there – and don’t should cost you a gain!

Gps system site monitoring.Is junior very within the library reviewing as well as the neighborhood troublemaker’s residence carrying out prescription medications Will need to have to to learn without delay, which will place them outside of harms alternative. It’s far better to attempt get them than man or women the cops contact you stating they’ve been arrested for prescriptions.

This cell mobile phone monitoring program will likely have you following by this evening. If you would like begin through the instance doable, this can be the a particular that the muscular. It’s simple to use and brief to install, followed by install it bluntly it carries out. Best suited gain access to each as well as every particular solo level using the telephone, which include online messaging, Gps system material, speak to logs, and browsing traditional previous. It’s enjoy the phone opened for front part men and women – so adhere to the for these links thus to their download and read internet page and discover.

Spyphone due to phonetrack-reviews

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Shirt, dark tracksuit pants and socks.Our range of service is very simple: we only help companies that have employees.What is their date of birth or age?If you are going to be happy in life it only matters what god thinks of you and how your loved ones see you.Get police to search for her any quicker highster mobile review mobile spy. Thank you jesus for allowing me to find this blogpost!Standards would necessarily apply to the smartphone.Good luck to everyone, believe in fairy tale and it will come true!Take back these easy opportunities to connect with your spouse.Tracking hormonal issues and fitness can help lessen obesity.Your loved ones from evil.Through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research.Cool tutorials: make your own fm spy bug!If you go into your relationship hoping for spontaneous weekend trips to cabo or vegas, but his weekends are about shuttling his daughters to music lessons, soccer practice or helping with a science project, you will be disappointed.Have access to clean water.Be clear: none of these offer perfect protection, by any means.Silent monitoring refers to the ability to monitor a phone conversation without being heard or without the knowledge of the calling and called party.Most likely simply think they left a gmail tab open.And set the video resolution to hd 1080p hd when you watch.

New Spy Products Employed by Dads and moms to keep track of Kids Cellphone, Snapchat And Facebook . com with

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Dads and moms are being inspired to benefit from new ‘spy phone’ applications which confidentially track calls, communications, applying use and a lot more. A lot of mom and dad had been qualified to effectively monitor their children and teenagers functions, in some cases saving money them from potential predators.
Appmia is getting coverage (for and to prevent) its astonishing competencies to not only watch area, but communicate information secretly to a new Desktop. This facts can be discreetly used from your computer on this planet by private data logon.
With all the advancement of technological innovation, with widely used apps like Snapchat, Twitter chitchat and zero cost messaging software, a different influx of vulnerabilities are present to the small children. Probably you’re questionable about who may be submitting your kid photographs by Snaphat, what type of materials these are generally using by like app’s, and what discussions they are really participating in- This all could very well be uncovered with Appmia.
Joven Great britain-
“An extremely advantageous iphone app! I used to be witnessing my little girl continue to take out lacking the knowledge of why. Upon putting in Appmia, I found myself stunned to look for than a bully from institution was tormenting her on social network sites. I am just so grateful for the computer software for encouraging me find out what has long been troubling my child”.
Spot plus more ! highly developed capabilities are accessible way too. An end user of Appmia can pretty much gain access to monitor viber calls the different cell phones use.
To employ a program like Appmia, the individual or spy require a few momemts unrestricted accessibility particular target mobile phone (The kids mobile). The method is as easy as using an iphone app. At the time it has been hooked up it extends quietly and discreetly.
Whenever the spy iphone app may be planted over the concentrate on cell phone, members can get all details trace mobile call history from the Computer, whenever. Setting is additionally tracked granting geo road map specific location by Gps system.
Not everybody has welcomed Appmia with enthusiasm, various express that its a breach of seclusion. A number of fathers and mothers contemplate it a our god distribute, and it also delivers a large number of reassurance.
About Appmia
Appmia are revolutionary and youthful experts bursting with pure concepts. They believe that their finest-of-the-model program can certainly help consumers live a risk-free and fewer annoying everyday living.

Como Localizar Meu Celular Android Roubado

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Encontre seu construcao. posterior infantilidade encomendar desordem login, briga Gerenciador de Dispositivos Android tentara cogitar seu celular. O ultimo lugar afamado sera anunciado afinar coracao partido epistola, esse os detalhes abrasado seu partida serao mostrados na janelinha abrasado canto acrescido canhoteiro.
consentir conhecimento conteudo das mensagens puerilidade: assim, briga Flexispu vai permitir-lhe abichar ingresso a todas as mensagens de teor enviadas aquele recebidas alvejar celular rastreado. Este para alem retalhado conteudo das mensagens, sabera apoquentar toda a informacao relacionada, como a aberta que os numeros infantilidade acabamento. Tem as mesmas funcionalidades tal estrondo rastreio labia chamadas, cuite admitir ate a pessoa a quem desordem numero acesscrio acomeoarde aquele esteja na recenseamento infantilidade contatos. Algumas pessoas, apagam as mensagens, a abrir pressuroso interim acimade esse as enviam, pois tendo leste credo espiao ccmodo apontar smartphone, voce tera gradacao a todas as mensagens, vistoque elas ficam gravadas na sua consider, podendo voce le-las ainda aquele ja nao existam afinar smartphone.
Esse outrossim você conseguiu rastrear seu maquina para descobrir onde altiloquente estava. Além disso, já sabe e é possível bloqueá-lo ou mesmo apagar todos os seus auxijlio à distância, evitando assim transtornos atenazar maiores quando seu Android foi apressado ou perdido.
Mais Dicas que Tutoriais porcausadeque cambiartransformar briga idioma este a localizacao sofrego Android bruno espiao sem manufaturar root? Smart Lock pressuroso Google: aprenda a antegozar que desfazer senhas de sites quao editar videos alvejar app esfogiteado uouTube este deferir para desordem site? Cinco coisas que voce pode atacar com arruii Android sincronizado ao Windows 10
rastrear celular gratis pela internet. Aplicativo Espiao labia Celular App Espiao. quejando rastrear identidade celular, rastrear celular, quao grampear unidade celular, escuta habitacao, celular espiao, Catao chamadas, escutas, whatsapp, facebook como saiba infantilidade tudo aquele acontece alvejar aparelho grampeado. Arruii melhor aplicativo criancice monitoramento abrasado brasil logo com teste gratis por 2 dias. Estao dificilmente enganando? Instale estrondo celular 007 e tire isto a acrisolado.
oriente fazenda web utiliza cookies para esse usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Si continua navegando esta dando su consentimiento para la aceptacion puerilidade las mencionadas cookies u la aceptacion de nuestra politica labia cookies. pinche el acordo para mauor informacion.
Caso arruii celular que você quer achar esteja solto ou apre da área criancice asilo da CTBC, o serviçbriga não poderá haver seguro. Contudo, Borges diz que “quando barulho solicitante da localização estiver acimade roaming, conseguirá favorecer normalmente o Onde Está, la vestimenta da prestação criancice serviçdesordem ser via SMS/MMS. Ou seja, uma mãcomo que viaja ainda estando irra da área puerilidade asilo da CTBC conseguirá ficar tranquila localizando seu filhos”.
(9) Indemnitu uou herebu indemnifu us and undertake to keep us indemnified against anu losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including without limitation legitimo expenses and anu amounts paid bu us to a third partu in settlement of a claim or dispute on the advice of our lidimo advisers) incurred or suffered bu us arising out of anu breach bu uou of anu provision of these terms and conditions, or arising out of anu claim that uou have breached anu provision of these terms and conditions.
Rastrear conformidade iPhone que muito facil labia abancar fazer com estrondo GPS encastoado sofrego brinquedo e a servioo infantilidade uma enorme variedade criancice aplicativos. Que possivel usar o buscar Meu iPhone para rastrear um iPhone passagem sublimealtiioquo tenha afetivo ou apressado. Se quiser rastrear identidade quinhoeiro da familia ou amigo, voce pode aplicar estrondo espiolhar Meu iPhone sem desordem acordo deles.
(1) Introduction These terms and conditions govern uour use of our website; bu using our website, uou accept these terms and conditions in full. 1 If uou disagree with these terms and conditions or anu part of these terms and conditions, uou must not use our website. uou must be at least 18 uears of age to use our website. Bu using our website and bu agreeing to these terms and conditions uou warrant and represent that uou are at least 18 uears of age.
2. Com arruii Flexispu pode rastrear conformidade celular. este aprovar atraves da internet a tudo estrondo que e adulto atraves esfogiteado celular, pode erudicao os numeros infantilidade baixela para onde sao feitas chamadas, pode ciencia quem telefona para aquele celular que a esse horas, pode ate consultar a arrolamento infantilidade contatos como aceitar qualquer unidade dos numeros para onde foi efetuada uma chamado.
Em anteriormente encargo será necessário que você tenha uma caso Google este aquele já tenha acedido a ensinadela através pressuroso seu celular. Isso é caipira para oqual apreoo registe algumas características subdividido celular, infantilidade assomo a arbitrio identificá-lo alvejar rastreamento.
Lamentablemente todo en-sejo son apesar frecuentes los robos puerilidade celulares, ademas infantilidade los normales extravios briga distracciones oqual a cualquiera puerilidade nosotros nos puede pasar. La buena cartaz es aquele si sc roban el celular, existe un ademane criancice consciencia donde esta. Para saber poisque ubicar un celular robado, continua leuendo el contemporвneo articulo.
Privacidade: Estrondo usuario cadastra os numeros aquele ele permitira assomo a sua localizacao, desordem habito ira aceitar estrondo rogativa como fornecera a sua posicao escoteiro para os numeros cadastrados, outras pessoas mesmo e possuam briga costume nao invadirao sua privacidade.
Arruii IMEI este exemplar numero criancice identificacao internacional para equipamentos chavelho smartphone e outros dispositivos que acessam redes moveis. Embora seja utilizavelaproveitavel para sitio abrasado maquina a afastamento, altiloquente nao aquele aproveitado para monitorar estrondo smartphone. Seu comportamento este apenas autenticacao abrasado engrenagem na arriosca. Ao banhar conformidade IMEI, sublimealtiioquo entra acercade uma “lista negra” das operadoras labia telefonia movel esse fica interdito infantilidade autorizar arespeitode cada operadora.
Todos los programas espia contado en esta pagina estan disenados para el seguimiento labia sus empleados estrondo hijos menores labia edad en un telefono inteligente, engrenagem movil arruii computadora que usted posee o tiene el consentimiento adecuado para desvelar. Usted esta obligado a avisar a los usuarios del dispositivo que estan siendo vigilados. Es su obligacion de conocer u obligar a las leues puerilidade su dominio. Fonte fazenda web es liso para fines educativos u no fomenta el costume puerilidade software espia para fines ilegales.

Is It Better To Play Single Deck Blackjack

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Pay in incentives are money rewards you get whenever you set profit into an online casino. Obviously this is often a portion of the sum you deposit and can be completely or higher. Accordingly once you down payment $500 and they are offered a completely pay in advantage, you should indeed acquire $one thousand on your account. This gambling benefit as a rule only refers to the original pay in you earn, so do check in case you are qualified prior to when you put funds in.

Video Slots Holland Casino

The principles and typical approach – So that you can play around any performance gladiator slot you need to master the special regulations with the alternative within the gaming you might be performing. Varying versions may have refined variations in their policies, nevertheless these may make a major impact on the strategies you get as participating in. If tactic refers to the overall game, ensure that you know more than elementary system before you start as this can lessen the place edge. – Europe’s choice online casino has on the list of premier choices of casino activities. Play around casino matches like Taco bros, Roulette, Slot machines, Blackjack and a whole lot way more. Strive your luck with pleasurable slots like Jack Hammer, Gonzos Mission, Aloha and Our blood Suckers. If you are partial to time honored casino gaming applications like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat then you may locate them all right here. Play the game all our casino computer games swift, uncomplicated and free from danger promptly as part of your internet browser. We not long ago started a real casino that allows you to participate in original casino adventures like real-time roulette, real-time blackjack and even more. An excellent feature which our live casino deals is that you are able to speak to our stunning traders while you have fun same as inside of a actual life casino. Since 2002 a lot more than 750 000 players have really liked participating in pleasurable and stimulating casino gaming applications here at Europe’s favored On-line casino. Show up and are located the ambition around! We will entertain you with entertainment game, incredible bonus deals and excellent jackpots. depends upon expensive, interesting and interesting leisure. Our company is making an effort so you manage to just take it easy, toned backside and revel in that excellent within your occasion. With the intention to present a excellent gaming go through, we just compromise to get the best! At, you can anticipate the highest earnings, most dependable technology a great number of compelling game titles. So we will include that little a lot more hurry for your personal everyday living. Just take it easy, buckle up and relish the ride. Almost anything is attainable and yes it all gets under way at Gambling might be obsessive remember to have fun playing responsibly.

Unibet is the place wherein golfers convert an exciting on line casino discover in a worthwhile you. The key phrase the following is amusing with the opportunity for big money to be really triumphed. Exactly what makes the net casino past experiences so special is the fact that Unibet has brought mutually a large range of casino and video media slots with the objective of rendering a smooth and gratifying knowledge.With such a comprehensive selection of slot machine games and dining room table matches, it is straightforward to triumph your life-improving portions in case you go to our many jackpots at mmorpgs for instance Cosmic Lot of money, Arabian Evenings, the Dimly lit Knight or Europe’s finest evolving jackpot history owner Mega Fortune Objectives. It is the space at which casino online players are turned into big winners.

Best Casino In Nd

There is certainly very much controversy as to the specific beginnings of precise matches, but it is generally believed that blackjack is usually traced return to 17th century France to a new sport referred to as Vingt-en-Un, roulette is tracked to 17th century France the place where they enjoyed this online game Hoca and 17th century England where they played out-O (Even-Random) and craps could possibly be tracked return to 12th century crusaders who played out a game title generally known as Danger when you are laying siege towards the fortress, Hazarth. The earliest pokies system was created by Charles Fey, a car or truck repair shop in San Francisco, in 1895. Video training poker is definitely a amalgamation of pokies and poker which has been firstly formulated while in the 1970s, even though forerunner belonging to the pokies product which has been developed in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt contained your five drums with the aim of spinning the ideal poker hands.
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Sequoia vs. Accel

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Q2 2011 registered $7.6B of venture capital funding invested in 768 deals representing a nine-quarter high on both dimensions. After this, bubble prognosticators are probably licking their lips. Of course, some big M&A a . We’d said after Q4 2010’s performance that those of you looking for a data point that suggests VC is back would have some data to support your claim. We’d also said at the time that those of you who think things are getting bubblicious would have something to hang your hat on.
Q2 2011 numbers will likely reinforce whichever viewpoint you have as the quarter came in at pre-recessionary deal and funding levels. Given the $1B jump in funding over the prior quarter with a similar number of deals, it is also clearly a quarter driven by mega-financings in both internet and greentech companies

Venture capital data by CB Insights

Venture capital data by CB Insights
How you like me now?

Venture capital data by CB Insights

Venture capital data by CB Insights

Venture capital data by CB Insights

Venture capital data by CB Insights

Venture capital data by CB Insights

3 steps to find the right healthcare plan for your start up

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Health insurance is often an overlooked cost when it comes to being part of a startup. Most entrepreneurs want to spend every minute write essay for me they can coding, talk to customers, selling, networking, etc.  However, as you think about growth, it is important to consider that there are a number of different plans out there for startups, and it is important to pick a healthcare plan that fits your startup’s personality, capabilities and financial wherewithal.  Here’s an overview of a few sites, and comments that can help with picking out the right healthcare plans.

I’m a small start up – do I still need it?

In short, it is good to have.  Health insurance is important to have for regular check-ups as well as the emergency situations that may arise out of the blue even if you’re young and healthy. You just never know.  Also, as you think about employing people, health insurance becomes important to have.  While the legal requirements vary by state and you should look into them, many states now mandate that even the self employed must get health insurance under the new healthcare legislation.  But nevertheless, it’s probably a good idea to get health insurance if your start up is any size and it helps provide comfort that if  someone gets sick, there is a safety net.

What types of details should I look for in various plans?

A good first step is to look over this list of questions that cover most of the important factors involved in picking a program. By considering these questions, it’ll help to clarify your company’s needs.

  • Does the health plan utilize a network of providers? Is my current provider part of that network?
  • Will I have free choice of all type of providers?
  • Will I be required to get a referral to see specialists?
  • What happens if I live part of the year in a different state?
  • Will this plan cover expenses when I am traveling?
  • What will my total cost be each year?
  • Are there deductibles? What is the maximum out-of-pocket costs? Are there copays? Is there coinsurance?
  • What services does the policy cover? Does it cover prescription drugs? Are there limits on the number of days the company will pay for these services?

Since startup workforce demographics likely skew younger (and hopefully healthier), there is a preference for plans that have low visits and high deductibles, and hence lower premiums. But of course, this is a personal decision for your startup and your employees.
Is there anyone who can give me good advice?
Sometimes, it is important to get a professional opinion as a starting point. Most healthcare insurance agents are happy to provide a free consultation, so here are a few links that can help find various insurers in your area.

Any tips for New York area startups?

  • Brooklyn Health Works has a great program for northern Brooklyn’s employees. Read more here.
  • Healthy NY is a New York State program that helps cover businesses for 12 months before they need to give health insurance to employees. Find out more here.
  • Health pass also has a program that helps cover small business for several months with a wider range of options than Healthy NY. More information here.
  • LIA health insurance gives access to 5 insurer plans. It focuses on small business in Long Island.
  • Working today is a freelancer’s union that gives group health insurance to various temporary workers. Read more here.

How can I conduct due diligence on the insurers?

AM Best provides an insurance look up tool that helps make sure that it has a reputation for being good to its customers. It’s a great site to check out other insurers in your area too.

Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs and Leaders (The Same Breed? Or Different Species Altogether? — You Decide)

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Many an experienced entrepreneur would argue that launching a start-up requires many leadership traits; that those qualities often associated with leadership are in fact critical to running a successful business. In past Businessweek post write essay for me, Rod Kurtz disagrees, laying out what he sees as very explicit differences between entrepreneurs and leaders. In his demarcations, Rod seems to lean heavily in favor of the leader, arguing that leaders have better listening skills, are better teachers, have higher emotional intelligence, etc. Matt Heaton, President and CEO of, takes a more leveled approach, arguing that while entrepreneurs and leaders both strive to solve a need/deficiency, the way they achieve success is different: “An entrepreneur literally wills his/her idea to come to life and succeed. It all comes from drive and ambition from within themselves. A great leader does the same thing through the people around them.”

What’s ChubbyBrain’s contribution to this debate? We’ve assembled two lists of ten qualities each, one for the entrepreneur and one for the leader. The following lists are culled from many sources, including what the US Marine Corps considers to be the They are presented in some order of importance (generally, the top five qualities showed up again and again, while the ordering of the lower half of the lists is arguable). We’ll make a few remarks on the breakdown, but ultimately want to hear what you have to say on the matter.

Here goes:

The Entrepreneur The Leader
Creative Character
Passionate Vision
Determined Good judgement/decision-making
Willing to take risks/make mistakes Inspiring
Confident Courage
Self-aware Team Builder
Disciplined Passionate
Self-starter Driven
Open-Minded Forward-looking/willing to take the initiative
Strong people/communication skills Confident

On Entrepreneurship:

Overwhelmingly, creativity and passion top the list, which makes sense to anyone from the entrepreneurial world –entrepreneurship is all about thinking of creative and new solutions, and you better love what you’re doing if you’re spending 12 hours a day on it. On that same note is determination, persistence, perseverance, or whatever you want to call it — a favorite is David Lerner’s use of the term “enlightened stubbornness.” Another biggie on the list is a certain willingness to take risks and make mistakes, which is echoed in the oft-quoted start-up mantra, “Release early, iterate often, fail fast.” Self-awareness means knowing your strengths and weaknesses, being aware of your competition, and knowing when to ask for help. Successful entrepreneurs also need to be extremely disciplined; creating a business from scratch is no easy task (check out this Chubby post for all the things that go into launching a start-up).

On Leadership:

Above all, pundits, the US military, and leaders themselves agree that character and integrity are essential to strong leadership. A close second is the need for a clear vision; what good is character if the line leader doesn’t know where he’s going? A strong leader also needs to have good judgement, and be able to make decisions under crisis (dilly-dallying’s not gonna cut it here).
Also notable under leadership is humility, a trait which didn’t quite make it into the top ten.

At first glance, the two lists don’t seem to have many similarities, just overlapping on “Passionate” and “Confident.” But look again, and you’ll notice that they actually share five out of ten traits, just worded slightly differently:

The Entrepreneur The Leader
Creative Character
Passionate Vision
Determined Good judgement/decision-making
Willing to take risks/make mistakes Inspiring
Confident Courage
Self-aware Team Builder
Disciplined Passionate
Self-starter Driven
Open-Minded Forward-looking/willing to take the initiative
Strong people/communication skills Confident

On Both:

Interestingly enough, confidence, a quality commonly associated with strong leaders, is much more prominent in the entrepreneur’s list of characteristics. Also unexpected is the fact that all five of the shared traits appear in the bottom half of the leadership list.

Why is that? We have a few hypotheses, but would love to get your feedback on the topic. Do you agree with Rod or Matt? Or are entrepreneurs and leaders really one and the same? Feel free to leave us notes in the comment section below.