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25 invoicing and billing tools for entrepreneurs and small business

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Invoices are great. If you have invoices, you have customers, and if you have customers, you have revenue. So first off, congratulations!

Now down to business. As much as you might like billing your clients, it shouldn’t take up too much of your time or money. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of 25 apps that are worth taking a look at. Most have a free trial version, but you almost always have to pay in order to get reasonable functionality. Some even come with other management tools, so give them a read and see if they’re fit for you!

1)  is a pretty cool app. They offer a good number of features, such as the ability to personalize your invoices with your logo, mobile apps, and even an API if you really want to build your own invoicing platform. With the paid packages costing from $20-$40/month, it’s not a bad deal either!

2) , the name says it all. It’s simple, cheap, and good enough. Not the most high-tech in terms of apps and features, but will get the job done for those that just want to make quick invoices.

3)  is another aptly named invoicing product. Very easy to use and you get some pretty cool features for the price (<$25/month).  Also, it integrates fully with .

4)  is a useful online tool. With pricing plans that range from $10-$50/month you can probably find a package that meets your needs. Again, there is not an abundance of features, but still worth a look!

5)  from Intuit is completely free! Of course, it wont have the same services as the paid counterparts, but it might be exactly what you need.

6)  is an online invoicing tool created specifically for small businesses. Yes, it even has small business prices with the premium package costing only $5/month or $50/year!

7)  is reasonably priced at $15/month, and comes with some nice features such as unlimited invoices and clients, that other apps don’t offer.

8)  ranges from $15-$35/month for its paid services and offers a pretty standard set of features.

9)  delivers what it promises. For $30/month you’ll get a full set of invoicing and bookkeeping tools that will certainly make your accounting and billing easier.

10)  costs approximately $15-$49/month and has some features that are especially attractive to small businesses with many clients.

11)  is a great tool for online payments. Careful though, the pricing is tricky. The monthly rate of either $11/month for the simple or $35/month for the premium does not include the payment processing fees.

12)  offers a large number of plans ranging from $7/month to $100/month for the paid versions. These plans offer almost identical features, but allow for different numbers of customers, so it could get pricey if you are the kind of firm that bills a lot of customers.

13)  costs between $12/month and $20/month and comes with a money-back guarantee.  The features are, however, very basic.

14)  is a full financial tracking software package, and comes at $10/month + $0.25/active client each month.

15)  has paid packages that range from $5/month to $25/month, as well as a free package. Again, the features between the plans are very similar, but the number of invoices that you can send increases drastically for the more pricey ones.

15)  is another good tool for invoicing and processing online payments. Prices range from $10-$70/month, but there is also a free trial.

17)  is a full project and business management tool that also offers billing services. The price is a flat rate $39/month with no extra fees, so it might be worth a look for those of you that would be interested in extra features with your invoicing app.

18)  is a $10/month services designed for small businesses who just want simple, easy-to-use invoices.

19)  ranges from $9-$45/month for paid packages, with the free package offering shockingly little functionality.

20)  costs about $50/year for unlimited use, and is quite well suited for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

21)  is great for users who are interested in billing clients by the hour. Paid packages are either $20/month or $40/month.

22)  costs between $100-$200/year. The features are simple, but the flat rate is attractive for users with many clients!

23)  are completely free! Definitely take a look at these if you are excel-savvy and want to save some money of your billing.

24)  is great if you like the thought of working from excel, but want a more premium package. This one’s not free, but the $29.95 flat rate makes it very competitively priced.

25)  is last, but certainly not least, on our list. varies depending on usage, but is a pay-per-transaction system rather than a fixed monthly fee.  They’ve had a somewhat checkered history with startups but they’re big, established and safe in some sense so worth checking out.

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