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CaddySwag’s Par 6 Shanks it on Shark Tank

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CaddySwag offers the Par 6 which aims to help golfers sneak beer onto the golf course through a small zipperable cooler that users can put into their golf bag.  It was started by Ben Fossey and Melissa Fossey.  They were seeking $60,000 for 20% of the company.  Current sales are $15,000 per year which they attribute only to word of mouth.

Investor feedback was universally negative and critical.

Daymond John was out from the beginning.  Robert Herjavec said that most golf courses don’t allow beverages on the golf course. And that the defenseability of the patent seems difficult and that there are many alternatives.  He said it’s a trivial problem they’re attacking.

Kevin O’Leary said there is no certainty that people want this and that it’s just a cooler.  Kevin Harrington said the Golf Channel is where they need to advertise but all the things that golfers buy are intended to help them improve.  And so this is a novelty item.

Barbara Corcoran saw a need but it’s not a big market.

So 0 for 5.

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11 Responses to “CaddySwag’s Par 6 Shanks it on Shark Tank”

  1. Paul Skinner says:

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    I would absolutely by that product!

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    [...] CaddySwag's Par 6 Shanks it on Shark Tank [...]

  3. Debra Horath says:

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    I would like to order this Item. How do I go about that?

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    Anyone can order one at! Thanks for your interest!!

  5. Caddyswag says:

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'keywords_time' in /home/chubbybrain/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/internal_link_building.php_/internal_link_building.php on line 103 Get 2 for only $19.99 limited time offer!

  6. Caddyswag says:

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'keywords_time' in /home/chubbybrain/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/internal_link_building.php_/internal_link_building.php on line 103 Other products available!
    Golf’s best kept secret!

  7. chrisc says:

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    Why don’t you ship to Canada??

  8. nrs5177 says:

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    you if i where a shark I’d say yes but I’m not you are super cool

  9. Aida says:

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    We just saw the episode, too bad they didn’t take your offer because it really is a great idea! Free advertisement from the show. I’ll be getting some for my fiancé :)

  10. Lisa Ann says:

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    HOW is this product different from other small coolers, other than its size and that fold like a jewlery bag. Saving $20 playing golf is not a big deal if you are really strapped for cash. AND what about private clubs where you cannot bring drinks that are not purchased there. OR what about places that check your bags. Won’t they FEEL a big cold lump in the golfbag? Maybe expand this so it’s not just for GOLFERS. Other than that, sell it to some company that makes chatchkas for trade shows & run.

  11. Seth says:

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    Hello from Wisconsin! –
    Just going through my DVR and watched this episode on Shark Tank. Love that you took the coolers away from the sharks!!! Laughed at that one. I am sure they would have used it but they can buy one if they want. It’s a great idea!
    Just from listening to you guys I am sure you are golfing at the same courses I would golf at. Those sharks are golfing at the best golf courses and no matter how they grew up they seem to forget that your idea does not target them but targets the weekend golfer or the men’s league that gets out of the house with the guys once a week. I am a professional that makes a very good living, I love golf and I suck at it but go out as much as I can. Most of the time I am with a group of guys and we are always sneaking beer on the course. My game may suck but at least I would have a cold beer waiting for me. Why would I want to pay 6.00 a beer on a course? What to try to impress the beverage girl?

    And to Lisa Ann, every public course I go to does not allow carry ons and I can assure you that most courses I go to do not check your bag. My father belongs to one of the finest private country clubs in the Midwest and when I go there I sneak beer in as well. My dad enjoys the freebies from my bag! If they did check bags I can also assure you they better put a sign that says “once on the course cannot go back to vehicle with cart” —- my car is the refill spots! And have you ever heard of guys putting a beer in their pocket? Would they feel a big cold lump in my pants pocket? And if you looked at the product it fits in the bag and the lump is no different than a pair of shoes. Lisa Ann with all due respect you do not understand. You should not even talk about this product as you are not getting it. We are talking about beer, sneaking in something, guys being guys,(trust me ladies I know plenty of you that would be right there with me.) Lisa Ann how is their product different? I will tell you how they are different. It’s the two of them. At the end of the day they need to make money, but from what I gathered, they are honest and hardworking. Also, if I buy a few I can bet when I need to talk to someone about the product I would be able to talk to them rather than hitting option 1, then enter account number, then option 7, then “I am sorry I did not understand” then hit zero to hear “I am sorry that option is not available”.
    And to saving money, saving 20.00 is a big deal!
    I am a well-educated man in my late thirties and what the heck is a chatchkas. Do you mean Tchotchkes? It’s a terrible idea because who can even pronounce that word let alone spell it!

    And one last thing Lisa Ann, I do not know a lot about jewelry bags and how they fold, but I am interested in it if it holds a six pack, keeps it cold, and fits into my bag. The best part no melting ice leaking out.

    Keep it up you two and I will be getting some for xmas this year!! Oh maybe make some for the ladies or the guys that like bright colors! If you can see my email address, email me because I have a great idea that you would be interested in.


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