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CaddySwag’s Par 6 Shanks it on Shark Tank

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CaddySwag offers the Par 6 which aims to help golfers sneak beer onto the golf course through a small zipperable cooler that users can put into their golf bag.  It was started by Ben Fossey and Melissa Fossey.  They were seeking $60,000 for 20% of the company.  Current sales are $15,000 per year which they attribute only to word of mouth.

Investor feedback was universally negative and critical.

was out from the beginning.   said that most golf courses don’t allow beverages on the golf course. And that the defenseability of the patent seems difficult and that there are many alternatives.  He said it’s a trivial problem they’re attacking.

said there is no certainty that people want this and that it’s just a cooler.   said the Golf Channel is where they need to advertise but all the things that golfers buy are intended to help them improve.  And so this is a novelty item.

saw a need but it’s not a big market.

So 0 for 5.

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