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19 Cheap and successful guerrilla marketing campaigns

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Guerrilla marketing conjures up images of flashmobs (of which we include just one) to magic tricks. It can be inspiring, offensive, hilarious, in poor taste, well it can be anything really.

For the purpose of this blog, we only really had one condition… It must be cheap. Yes, here is a list of 19 inexpensive (mostly, we threw in a few pricey but cool ones as well) guerrilla-marketing campaigns that all achieved some level of success. Whether it was a well-conveyed message, or just incited some reaction, the below examples have some takeaways, especially for those of you who are looking to launch a guerrilla campaign on a budget.

Without further ado, happy reading!

1)  is one that you probably haven’t seen before. It’s a little known name in publishing, but this stunt they pulled at a local book fair was cool and got them some attention.

2)  might be something that you’ve seen before; you would probably remember if you did. Not particularly clever, inspired, or clear as to why they are doing what they are. But it did create quite the stir and was definitely quite cheap, so here it is.

3-5)  and and are all examples of 3D building projections. Ok, fine, these are definitely not low budget, but they are really cool and these are three of our favorites.

6)  found a pretty cool way to distribute free samples. Maybe a bit complicated legally, but certainly not expensive.

7)  is an awesome example of how to use technology to keep costs down and reach more people.

8)  is another good example of a clear message. On second thought, not sure what the budget was on this one… But it’s probably still cheaper than airtime.

9)  combines a bunch of common guerrilla marketing themes in one campaign. It’s topical. It’s cute. It’s a pun. Check it out.

10)  is simple and brilliant. Simply brilliant? Well maybe not, but definitely clever, albeit just a little annoying to it’s victims.

11)  are a great example of how you can cheaply augment existing structures for nice effect.

12)  is similar to the Folgers’ cover in many ways. It’s clever, it’s optical, and it exploits existing structures for effect.

13)  is similar to the above two in that manner as well

14)  has an awesome interactive element to it.

15)  has tons of geurilla marketing campaigns. Some of them look pricy, others relatively cheap, but they all are quite effect in terms of message.

16)  creatively uses subway vents for a cool effect.

17) , so there you have it. A slightly tired idea, but at least this particular routine, put on by PacSun, features good-looking people scantily dressed. Another valuable marketing lesson: show skin.

18)  certainly found a cheap way to draw some attention. Not the most creative, but we figured it had a spot on the list if only for how easy/inexpensive it was.

19)  came up with a pretty cool way to convey their message. Easy, cheap, and clear… Overall this isn’t a bad campaign – pretty considering how little time it must have taken them. Org, about discharged students best websites to write essays in new york city

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