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ChubbyBrain is Dead. We’re Sorry.

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After a year in beta, we’re happy to announce that we’re killing ChubbyBrain. It is long overdue. To be clear, we are actually killing our beta and with it our entire v1.0 product and moving to alpha.  Moving from beta to alpha is a step back in the real world.  For us, it is merely a step in the right direction (or at least we hope so).

This is not exactly how we planned it, but it’s a function of us having built a profoundly bad “product” the first time through. Nobody wants to hear their baby is ugly, but we came to that realization and instead of being obstinate and opting for any type of plastic surgery (sorry – our mixing of metaphors doesn’t really work here, i.e. babies and plastic surgery, but you hopefully get the point), we decided it was time to stick a fork in it (ChubbyBrain – not the baby).

For startups and entrepreneurs interested in learning from our mistakes or just having a chuckle (or even a hearty laugh) at our patently inane ideas and approach to building ChubbyBrain the first time around, check out our thoughts in How to Develop a Product that Nobody Wants: The Story of ChubbyBrain.  And of course, we hope you’ll check out the brand new ChubbyBrain especially if you are an entrepreneur looking for financing to grow your business.

Also, it’s probably worth apologizing to the many thousands of you who visited the site over the last year (almost 1/2 a million of you).   First let us say thanks for coming by, and we hope you’ll come back now that we think we’ve hopefully gotten our act together. We are sorry that you came to a site and were completely confused by what it did. We either wasted your time by having you come to our site and bouncing immediately or we made you do the work to understand what the hell our site was about (and we’re not sure it really even had a point even after some research). In either case, your experience should not have been like that. So we apologize. We hope we can remedy that in the future. While we can’t give you back the second or minute of your life that was lost, we hope that some of the tools we’re building will make up for it in the value they hopefully provide to you.

In the interim, the key changes in the revamped ChubbyBrain alpha that we hope you’ll explore is that we’re singularly focused on entrepreneurs and using data geekery to develop useful data-driven tools to assist entrepreneurs. Whether you are a startup, small business or an aspiring entrepreneur, our focus is squarely on you and figuring out how to develop solutions leveraging data that will make you more efficient (time is money) and successful (money is money).

Our first product is called the Funding Discovery Engine (FDE). The FDE uses historical investment data we have collected on CB Insights (a business we’ve done right) about investors (venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity, government grant programs, etc) and determines who fits with your business based on the types of companies they have funded in the past and your business’ characteristics/needs.

The FDE is completely free and the entrepreneurs who’ve tested it so far have said it’s saved them time and unearthed investors they didn’t even know about. Of course, like any quantitative model, it has its warts, but we’re working through those and welcome your feedback after you go through it and have a view on the experience and the results.

We’ll talk more about the FDE in another post (read more here if you cannot wait), but in the interim, we want to say sorry again for putting out such a craptastic product. If you are an entrepreneur with an idea on how our data can help you become more successful or for feedback in general, please send us a note at feedback(at)

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