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Coulomb or Better Place – Who is Going to Win the Battle to Juice your Electric Car?

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There is an interesting post today on Earth2Tech covering the draft energy bill proposed yesterday by House Democrats.  CleanTech investors are really excited about the draft bill as Erik Straser, from Mohr Davidow Ventures noted, the bill has the potential to build the road map for a how to get to a 21st century energy infrastructure.

One particular part of the bill getting attention is new funding for the development of an electric car charging infrastructure.  The lack of an infrastructure is by far the biggest obstacles to the proliferation of electric cars to average consumers.  Two companies that could benefit from this bill are Coulomb Technologies (, maker of electric car charging stations and their rival Better Place (, which looks to develop large-scale networks of electric car charge points and batter swap stations.

Better Place has caught the attention of our ChubbyBrain reviewers. Jamie G. praised Better Place and thinks it will be a serious disruptive technology, changing the electric car game. Read his 5 star review of Better Place titled “Don’t reinvent the wheel, reinvent the gas tank” here. Brendy L. is also a supporter of Better Place but questioned the company’s projected time line. Read his 3 star review of Better Place titled “Great Idea, Needed Concept, but is it too soon?” here.

Which company do you think has the best technology or is most likely to lead the electric car infrastructure development?  Join the conversation and share your viewpoints on whether Coulomb Technologies or Better Place is the next big thing by writing a review of the company or sharing your comments on these reviews.

Check out Coulombs’ and Better Place’s profile by clicking on the company widgets below.

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One Response to “Coulomb or Better Place – Who is Going to Win the Battle to Juice your Electric Car?”

  1. Scott Martin says:

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    Coulomb Technologies is a universal plug that can charge anything related to electricity: Segways, Bikes, Scooters, cars, buses, etc. Better Place is trying to monopolize the market place with their exclusive battery. Why compete with the OEM’s and other battery technology.

    coulomb’s products are far superior because of the business model associated with their ChargePoint and their nationwide distribution teams. Why not allow the mass public get involved in investing and making money as well. Corporate days are ending and they are too far corrupt.

    Coulomb is going to PROSPER. If they had 200MIL dollars in their fund (instead of grass roots efforts) than people would be all over the Coulomb product. Did anyone see what Carbon Day put together with their Solar Charge Point? WOW! its cool!

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