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Daisy Cakes Gets a Sweet Offer on Shark Tank

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is made by a mom and daughter team and pitched on Shark Tank to grow their natural cake business.  The family has invested $93k in the business to-date.  The daughter part of the duo, Kim Nelson, pitched on the show.  The business is based in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  She was asking for $50,000 for 25% equity in the company.

Per Nelson, Daisy Cakes is a recipe of her great aunt and it is a family recipe with no artificial flavors or preservatives and they are delivered to customers who order via the phone or website.  Carrot cake is the number one seller.  They are shipped nationwide and packed with dry ice.

Cakes are sold for $44.50 and it costs $18 to make it.  Daisy Cakes’ sales for October, November, December were $27,000 and they attended 3 shows to get these sales.  To grow the company, Daisy Cakes’ Nelson wants to be on a shopping network.  She can make 5000 cakes in 30 days.

She is selling the lemon curd ingredient to Whole Foods (or was seeking to)

In general, many of the angel investors felt it was too small.   said it’s a small regional strategy and it’s a good small business.  He said it’s a good business for her but too small.   also felt it was too small so opted out.

opted out because turning this into a business would be difficult.   said the same.

made an offer that on every cake she makes, Barbara will get $1.  She invested $50k for 25%.

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Drei monate weniger drei tage, bis wir wieder land sahen

Drei monate weniger drei tage, bis wir wieder land sahen

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