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Interview with Roger Wu – CEO of Klickable

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We recently had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of Klickable (, Roger Wu.  In a wide-ranging discussion, we covered everything from what is Klickable to the challenges of the current environment to the company’s bootstrapping roots to Roger’s worst job ever and his thoughts on the NYC startup scene where Klickable is based.

The entire interview can be found on the “Inside Info” tab which is on Klickable’s ChubbyBrain company profile (click here).  Excerpts of the interview transcript with Roger are below as well, but we highly recommend you check out the company’s profile to learn more about Klickable and to read the entire interview.

Briefly, describe Klickable and its products/services, what drove its development and what problem it is trying to solve?  Please explain why you feel you’ve built a better mousetrap.

KlickableTV is an interactive video platform, which allows users to create “klickable” video.  Viewers can click on anything inside the video to spawn more information via the web.  It started as a way to make video more engaging than simply repurposing TV for the web and as a way to help web video producers monetize their properties.  The beauty of Klickable’s platform is that it is super simple and can be plugged into any existing system.  Every build is literally tested by my mom to make sure that she can use it, because if she can’t then we go back to the drawing board!

Who are your main competitors and what do you think differentiates you from competitor offerings? (Please do not say “we have no competitors”)

Well there are some companies that create overlays over video and put advertisements into open areas on video.  There are other companies that serve up a lower third overlay inside a video.  I think that since what we do is 100% user initiated (i.e. there’s no forcing an ad upon you) we can charge a higher CPM/CPC because users are ASKING for it.  Furthermore, we aren’t working with the original video which many others are doing.  We leave the original video untouched.  We can appeal to all audiences this way: Audiences don’t have to utilize the extra functionality if they still want the TV experience, but new savvier users can.

Are you angel investor or venture capital backed?  Are you currently fundraising?  How would you describe the current fundraising environment?

We’re backed by angel investors and are currently fundraising.  The current environment is tough because the market has sunk to such lows.  Investors are looking at high risk, illiquid investments vs lower risk, liquid stocks.  However, people are still investing, and I really think that we have the future of video in our hands and that should be an exciting proposition for any investor.

What Klickable accomplishment are you most proud of?

Just getting here with very little money and being savvy on resources!  We worked out of a Tea shop for 9 months utilizing their free wifi, while a hotel lobby was our conference room!

What advice would you give to other current or aspiring entrepreneurs?

I’d say to go for it.  I started this company with a computer that i won from a viral video contest, a “Learn Flash in 24 hours” book and the tea shop.  In today’s day and age, we have so much information, so many ways to connect with others, and so many resources that if you want to do it, go for it.

Personally, how would you describe your management style?

I’m very hands off.  I hate being a micro-manager.  However, that means that if you break the level of trust that I give you, then…well then its really bad.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I worked at Taco Bell and Roy Rogers, made $5.05 an hour, got burned, bruised, and seared more than any other job.

What startups or areas of innovation do you feel there is too much hype about?

Social networking!  There’s too many!  There’s also too much hype about Twitter.  It’s a great tool but i’m so sick of hearing about it!

Learn more about Klickable and read the full interview with Roger by visiting Klickable’s company profile and going to the company’s Inside Info tab.

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