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Why certify your startup’s profile?

* Certified profiles appear first in search results
* Ensures investors, partners and customers receive accurate info
* Limits who can edit your profile to you and the ChubbyBrain team
* Certified startup icon is attached to your profile which results in more traffic

But my startup is not on ChubbyBrain?

  • If you are an incubator, university, angel or VC-backed startup, add your startup’s profile by providing information .
  • Be sure to provide a link that proves the backing you’ve received from an angel investor, venture capital firm, incubator or university (press release, blog post, etc)
  • After review, we’ll add approved startup profiles to ChubbyBrain

If you believe you can leverage our data and information in creative, profound ways, we’d love to hear from you. We provide select data and content to our partners on a co-branded or private-label basis.

Some of our notable, publicly disclosed data syndication deal are with and the .  Stay tuned for many more soon to be announced.

We also collaborate with companies who work closely with entrepreneurs and investors and/or who are focused on topics related to emerging technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation

Academics/Researchers – If you are doing work in areas such as public policy, entrepreneurship, investing, etc as part of a non-profit or university and could benefit from the use of our data, please send a detailed email of your needs as we would love to help you if possible.

If you’d be interested in sponsoring ChubbyBrain which would enable you to reach an audience of startups, investors and technology enthusiasts & innovators, we’d love to hear from you.

All partner and sponsorship inquiries can be directed to partnerships(at)

How can ChubbyBrain aid your search for investment?

First of all, buying overpriced and generally outdated investor lists or databases is now a thing of the past. We’ve compiled an ever-growing and constantly updated list of VCs, angels and incubators and have made them available to you for free. Launching your startup is hard enough. The process of identifying investors shouldn’t be.

With the data available on ChubbyBrain, you can now identify the right investors for your startup based on their investment history (typical stage, amount, geography and sector characteristics). We hope that this information can help you focus your energies on those investors who are likely to be most receptive to your idea and pitch.

Once you get the big meeting with an investor, use ChubbyBrain to research the investor by learning not just about them but their portfolio companies to understand not just what they invest in but their preferences. You can do all of this right from the investor’s profile page. (see below).

You can also add investors of interest to your Watchlist to track their activity and investments over time. You can also add startups to your Watchlist in case you want to track potential partners, competitors or companies of interest. By adding a startup or investor to your watchlist, you will receive email alerts about changes to their profiles as and when they occur.

An investor profile offers you a detailed snapshot of the investor as well as its portfolio of investments. The typical profile is given below. In this profile of , you can see that the top portion of the profile contains a description of the firm which provides some insights into their areas of focus, stages of investment, office locations, etc.

To the bottom right, you’ll see that Battery has 74 portfolio companies. You can actually filter based on sector & industry if you want to look at specific companies. There are also two tabs – “Portfolio Analysis” and “Series Detail” – which offer advanced views of the investor’s profile.

Portfolio Analysis provides visualizations of the investor’s portfolio by geography, sector, industry, etc. The Series Detail tab shows the funding history of the investor’s entire portfolio including company names, date of investment, Series and amount of investment over time.

These tabs are available only to ChubbyBrain users who’ve achieved a level of expertise designation of Scholar or higher. Since we’ve made all this information freely available, we’ve adopted a Karma Model here at ChubbyBrain. Simply put, the way to get to scholar and open up more functionality on ChubbyBrain is by contributing information and insights. To learn more about the Karma Model, click here. To learn more about ChubbyBrain’s progressive levels of expertise, .

* Keep on top of changes and news about your company
* Follow hot startups that you are interested in
* Track potential partners as well as your competitors
* Keep up-to-date about investors you are interested in

In each startup or investor profile, there is an orange button entitled “Add to Watchlist”. Simply click this button (you must be logged in) and the startup or investor will then be added to your Watchlist. Then, every time a change is made to the profile of the startup or investor, you will automatically receive email updates.

Are you a venture capitalist? An angel investor? A corporate development professional?

* Research startups and keep on top of recent startup fundings in the largest free database of startups and investors on the web
* Stay informed about your portfolio company competitors (use ChubbyBrain watchlists)
* Certify your portfolio company profiles to ensure they come up first in search results. Ensure partners, investors and acquirers will find them
* Keep on top of the latest market trends and sentiment based on where the money is flowing in recent deals
* Highlight your expertise by providing your insights to startups on ChubbyBrain

To update your firm’s profile or portfolio or if we can help you in any other way, email us at investor (at)

We’re making lots of previously fee-based information completely free-of-charge.

But to keep it up, we need your help. For this reason, we have adopted what we call a Karma Model. This means that the more you contribute to ChubbyBrain (data, insights), the greater access to certain capabilities and exposure you get.

How can I contribute?

* Certify your startup’s profile
* Add missing angel, venture-backed startups to ChubbyBrain
* Write reviews of startups and offer constructive feedback based on your areas of expertise to startups
* If you have a creative mind and can do amazing analytical things with our data, become a guest blogger
* Spread the word about ChubbyBrain by highlighting our analyses, using our widgets, etc.

What do I get?

* Certified startup profiles get preferential placement in search results
* Greater number of results in search queries
* Access to investor portfolio analytics and funding details by round for investors
* Private messaging capabilities
* Company comparison functionality – compare startups side by side
* Features on CB of you and your blog/business

Or just tell us how we can help you if you have other ideas.

The features and capabilities you receive are driven based on your individual level of expertise. As you contribute more, you move up these progressive levels of expertise – from Brainiac to Scholar to Guru and ultimately to Genius.

To learn more about these levels of expertise and what you get at each threshhold, please click .

If any questions about how you can get involved, please email us at info(at)

Investors: Own the Presentation of Your Firm and Your Portfolio

We’ve developed a method to allow venture capital firms, corporate venture groups, angel investors, incubators and university entrepreneurship groups to update and certify their portfolios as well as their own profile on ChubbyBrain.  You can accomplish this quickly and intuitively via a simple spreadsheet.

To receive the spreadsheet, please send us an email at investor(at) from your corporate email address.

Why update your portfolio companies and your investor profile?

  • Certified profiles appear first in search results on ChubbyBrain offering greater exposure (more about certified profiles here)
  • Certified profiles can only be edited by your firm’s team, startups themselves or by the ChubbyBrain team (the wiki aspect is removed)
  • Ensure acquirers, other investors, partners and customers are seeing accurate, complete, and up-to-date information on your portfolio companies and your firm when searching on ChubbyBrain
  • ChubbyBrain profiles are often quite prominent and early in search engine results for searches of your firm and/or portfolio companies.  Ensure that people looking for you on the web get a complete and accurate picture of you and your investments
  • Help the “right” startups find you.  By updating your profile and companies, startups get a clear sense for what you invest in (and what you don’t) so you get the right pitches

The process is easy as most, if not all, of the information is probably already available with your firm.  Moreover, our team will work with you to ensure that making the updates will be a quick and seamless process.

Again, please email us at investors(at) with any questions or to receive the spreadsheet. Februar 2017 um 16 41 wieso ist dann dyskalkulie im gegensatz zur lese-rechtschreib-störung so gut therapierbar und wieso wird Homepage besuchen dann so viel über mathematik als schulfach geschimpft

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