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Man Candle Fart Candles Don’t Cut It on Shark Tank

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Man Candle offers manly fragrances in candles including barbecue, basketball, bacon and fart scented calendars.  The candles are in 400 stores and they retail for $10-12 per candle.  The company did $53,000 in sales last year and Johnson and his wife have invested $40,000 in the business.  The typical reorders on the candles are 6-7 times per year.

Johnson Bailey appeared on The Shark Tank looking for $50,000 for 25% of the company.

Kevin O’Leary called the product “crap for tourists” and said he can’t invest in it and opted out.  Barbara Corcoran didn’t feel it was a big enough opportunity.  Daymond John said it’s a company with a vitamin C issue – cash, customers or credit are all missing.  Robert Herjavec also just didn’t feel it was a compelling opportunity.

Mark Cuban saw entrepreneurial vision and liked him but couldn’t see it as a company vs. a product and so also said no to investing.

Bailey thought the fart candle might have clouded their judgment.

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