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Medical Marijuana Startups – New Angel Investment Group Forms Giving New Meaning to Seed Investments

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The is a new angel investment group that has just formed in California.  We track new investment funds, groups, etc all the time at ChubbyBrain and 99% of them don’t get a blog post.  But the ArcView Group which is led by is an angel investor group focused on facilitating seed and early stage investment in federally legal enterprises within the medical cannabis (medical marijuana) industry.

Aside from the jokes/puns about seed investments and these angel investments going up in smoke, there is potentially serious business to be done here given the size of the market.  Yes of course, there is uncertainty about the legislative/legal environment surrounding this market.  We’ll follow -up with some statistics about the size of the market for medical marijuana for entrepreneurs interested in this space.  You can check out the ArcView angel website or the .

And of course, if you’re an entrepreneur seeking funding for your company (cannabis-related or not), please check out our free by signing up . Teeter endless arcade balancer is available for free for a limited time

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