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Radant Mems Investors Provide a Grant Round of Funding

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Radant Mems closed a grant round of funding from Department of Defense. The company is located in Stow, Massachusetts.

Radant Mems is a company that received a Department of Defense SBIR/STTR grant for a project entitled: High-Power RF-MEMS Phase Shifters for Phased-Array Applications. The abstract given for this project is as follows: Active phased array radars are expensive and solid state power and low noise amplifiers are a major component of that expense. Sharing these amplifiers amongst many antenna elements is a strategy for reducing expense. However, in order to maintain independent phase control, the phase shifter and its attendant insertion loss must then be inserted between the amplifier and the aperture instead of being positioned behind the amplifiers. The phase shifter RF insertion loss then adds to the receiver noise figure and subtracts from the transmitter output which requires the phase shifter to have very low insertion loss (<2 dB) to avoid degrading system performance. Phase shifters employing PHEMTs or PIN diodes (that require substantial control power) cannot achieve this low insertion loss. Radant MEMS switches with their inherently low insertion loss, high linearity, and negligible control power now offer a solution. The hermetically sealed, high power Radant switches offer switching lifetimes (>100 billion cycles) compatible with military requirements and RF power handling capacity (10 W) accommodating of many transmitter outputs. It is now possible to integrate these switches on a single substrate along with phase delay and advance networks to create an integrated phase shifter with the required performance parameters.

This Radant Mems funding from Department of Defense was detailed in FundingFlash – a comprehensive daily email detailing companies receiving venture capital, growth equity or angel investment funding.

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