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Shark Tank Investment Results for Season 1 and 2 – Graphs and Data

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We like data so we spent some time analyzing Shark Tank’s investment results for seasons 1 and 2.  Below are the results. As you’ll see, there are def some surprises.

The most active investor over both seasons 1 and 2 is .  Although she is dead last in season 2 with only 1 investment (more of a goldfish than a shark some have said) her activity in season 1 was significant. We wonder if those didn’t pan out so well and hence Barbara has slowed down as a result or perhaps if real estate is back, she’d prefer to invest her time and assets into that domain instead of .

On the average investment side, wins but in fairness, he has fewer investments given he’s only been on season 2. When looking at largest avg investment for a shark who was on both season 1 and 2, the winner is Daymond John whose average comes in at $128,000.

In terms of total money invested, does win coming in at over $1.5 million offered with Barbara Corcoran coming in second at over $1.4 million.Shark Tank - Investment Results - money invested by Sharks
Surprisingly, doesn’t lead on any of these measures suggesting perhaps that his bark is worse than his bite. But even with that said, Kevin has offered to invest almost $1 million in 8 companies pitching on Shark Tank.

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