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10 Silicon Valley Angel Investors on Twitter You May Want to Stalk

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In our continuing effort to help you find investors for your venture, below are 10 Silicon Valley angel investors who may wish to stalk on Twitter.  Last week we detailed 10 San Francisco-based angel investors to stalk (on Twitter only of course), and today, we open it up a bit to Silicon Valley.

We’ve included links to their profile and their angel investment portfolio as these are key things to consider when thinking of approaching these investors (or trying to get an introduction to one of them).  Their past investments are a good predictor of the types of areas they prefer to invest in, and their biographies/profiles may help provide you a more nuanced understanding of what they look for, what their backgrounds are, etc.

Of course, Twitter may be a great way to engage with them and understand them in a more real-time way as you’ll get to see the kinds of content and relationships they maintain using the service.  Doing all of this is part of sound investor reverse due diligence and ensuring angel investment is the right way to finance your business.

So without further ado, here are Silicon Valley Angel Investors you should learn more about.

Bill Lee

Redwood City, CA

If you are a startup seeking funding, try the Funding Recommendation Engine (FRE) to see if any of these angel investors fit with your venture.  It’s free and takes 5 minutes so you have nothing to lose and a list of potential investors to gain.

Learn more about the FRE here.

Nova Spivack

Redwood City, CA

Cyan Banister

San Francisco, CA

Rob Lord

San Francisco, CA

Fadi Bishara

Stanford, CA

Alexander Lloyd

San Francisco, CA

Pejman Nozad

Palo Alto, CA

David Nakayama

Palo Alto, CA

David Sacks

San Francisco, CA

Arjun Sethi

San Francisco, CA

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