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Startups from TechCrunch50 Class of ’07 Have Raised 6x More Money Than ’08 Brethren

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techcrunch50_logo1So our first post about TechCrunch50 detailed that nearly $280 million has gone to the startup alumni of TechCrunch50.  We then looked at the amount that has gone to the 2007 class vs the 2008 class. 

The difference is large.  The TechCrunch40 (’07 class) have raised $238.4M of funding since the event while the 2008 class has raised $40.8M.  Before drawing any errant conclusions, hopefully everyone realizes this is not an apples to apples comparison for many reasons and more of an interesting data point at this point.

  • The ’07 class has an extra year on the ’08 alum.  That definitely helps.
  • We are also in a very different venture and angel landscape so one could very reasonably argue that the ’08 class hit a much tougher environment.
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