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Tech Bubble Evidence – Turnkey Internet Businesses Advertising on the NYC Subway

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A technology bubble or the predictions of a bubble are en vogue today given the rise in the number of tech investments and increased perceptions of technology speculation and excessively high valuations.  The other way folks often say you know there is a bubble is when your grandmother starts asking about XYZ bubble topic.  So when grandma started asking about Webvan in 1999 or when she started buying multiple houses in Arizona in 2005 and became a real estate mogul, you knew something was afoot.

But here’s a potentially new bubble indicator – Tech “startup” ads in the NYC subway.  An image of the ad we saw on the 2,3 line at 42nd Street/Times Square stop is below.  In case you are interested in this business ten years in the making and in which one-third of a billion in commissions have been paid, we’ve left the contact info.  Interestingly, the 3 contact info tabs were still there so perhaps a better indicator of a bubble is when those are gone.  But looks like MLM (multi level marketing) is continuing to evolve and migrate to the internet.

If this turnkey internet business that you own makes you rich, please don’t forget that you heard it here at ChubbyBrain first.

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NYC technology bubble

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