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Tiggzi – Your PR Pitch is Insanely Jargon-Infested

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Although, we are not a tech blog, we get pitched from time-to-time.  We usually read the releases because we are interested in what’s going on in techland, but we never write them up as that’s not really our schtick.  But today, we got one that had a description of a company that we thought was so epic-ly bad and indecipherable that we had to share.  Here goes (copy & pasting from the email)

Tiggzi is a cloud-based HTML5 app builder, which generates iOS, Android and mobile web apps (soon Windows Phone and Blackberry too). Tiggzi makes it very simple to access REST APIs. Besides its powerful visual editor hosted in the cloud, the ‘secret sauce’ is a plug-in architecture which enables re-use of data-driven components, as well as combinations of REST APIs coupled with pre-mapped UI components.

Mama say what?

The first sentence is good (aka understandable) but from there it degenerates into a mess of something that is either not English or that we are not smart enough to understand.

Is this a good pitch, and are we just dumb?  Let us know in the comments. The researchers discovered that many educators bristled when the state gave them a negative review

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