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Top Cities for Venture Capital in Q2 ’09 – New York and Seattle

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As we reported in our Q2 2009 Venture Capital activity report, California was where almost 43% of dollars and almost 40% of deals went in the quarter.  Of course, Silicon Valley maintained its position as the mecca for startups and entrepreneurship garnering a good portion of the money going to California.

But since Silicon Valley is comprised of numerous cities (21 individual cities that are in or associated with being in The Valley) and therefore has an unfair advantage (sarcasm), we wanted to see which individual city saw the most venture capital activity in Q2 2009.

On both a deals and dollars of investment basis, New York emerged victorious followed closely by Seattle and San Francisco on the deals count and Palo Alto and Seattle from a dollars of investment perspective.

The “league tables” are below for those interested in seeing the top 15 cities on both a number of deals and dollars of investment basis.  Add up the Silicon Valley cities and quickly, the dominance of the region becomes obvious.  We’ll continue to look at the geographic mix over time.


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