Broccoli Wad
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BROCCOLI WAD - Company Description and Overview

Broccoli Wad is a money band that keeps cash, credit cards and ID in one secure package. The company was founded by John Gennaro and has celebrity endorser, Vincent Pastore (Vinnie or Vinny) of HBO TV series, The Sopranos. The Broccoli Wad appeared on the ABC tv reality show, The Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran made an investment and suggested rebranding of the Broccoli Wad to the Vinnie Wad or Vinny Wad to capitalize on the celebrity and endorsement power of Pastore.

The Broccoli Wad (or Vinny Wad) is made from a silicon rubber and expands to securely hold credit cards, cash, ID cards, etc. It comes in a gold or silver plated band.
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