Partsearch Technologies
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PARTSEARCH TECHNOLOGIES - Company Description and Overview

Partsearch Technologies is an information technology company providing model-specific parts and accessories information, software, and services to support retailers, service providers, and manufacturers in their efforts to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Partsearch aims to make the identification and procurement of model-specific parts more efficient for all end-consumers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. The company was founded by professionals in the consumer electronics and service industries to develop solutions to specifically address the difficulties in researching and purchasing original replacement parts. Partsearch markets its services to major retailers, whose customers are in need of replacement parts and accessories that are sold on the retail floor. It also markets to manufacturers, where Partsearch expands and complements current data distribution channels, and distributors and service providers, whose technicians and parts buyers are in need of centralized parts research and procurement tools.
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