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How do I determine which individual at an angel group or venture capital firm to target?

This is pretty straightforward actually.

  1. Review the firm’s website as they typically list the bios of individuals at the firm. Pay specific attention to the Board of Director or Board Observer positions the individuals hold to get a clear sense of their areas of focus. If you don’t want to goto each individual website, you will find biographies and profiles of these investors on ChubbyBrain. Just visit the investor profile and look at the people tab.
  2. Find their public profile on LinkedIn, if available. This may provide insights into where they went to school, other affiliations, etc. It may also reveal individual connections you share. If you know people in common, these folks may be able to provide warm leads or at least give you some background on the person.
  3. Find their public profile on Facebook, if available. Same as above.
  4. Find them on Twitter and see what they tweet about. If it’s relevant to you or if they have an opinion on something you are knowledgeable about, this may come in handy later on.
  5. Find their blog, if available, and see what they are writing about.

So you’ve found who the right person(s) are at a venture capital firm or angel investment group. Before figuring out how to get in front of them, determine if you really want to get in front of them.