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Individual angel investors

Individual angel investors are those who are willing to write a check independent of of an angel group or syndicate. Individual angel investors are potentially anywhere and if you can sell a wealthy individual on your vision and business idea, you may be able to close your funding requirements with the help of an individual angel investor.

Also, if you can convince an individual angel investor to invest in your business, they may know other wealthy individuals they can bring in as well. Their stamp of approval on your business may significantly help your ability to raise money from their friends. The key thing to note here is that wealthy people tend to know other wealthy people so once you have one angel investor onboard, you should ask them for connections to their network to raise more money if necessary. They have a vested interest in your success and will likely oblige.

And second, it is worth remembering that getting the first angel on board can be the most difficult. The first angel’s belief in you is evidence of social proof. That social proof is now your friend with their angel investor friends.