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FOUNDER COLLECTIVE - Partners, Principals and Investment Professionals Team

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    • Eric Paley
    • Managing Partner
    • "Entrepreneurs need to have this unique ability to have their eyes to the sky, but their feet planted firmly on the ground," says Eric Paley. "Meaning you have to be the one that inspires everyone else with the vision of what is possible for your business, but als... More >>
    • Mark Gerson
    • Founder Partner
    • Mark Gerson is the Executive Chairman of Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), which he co-founded in 1998. Mark is the author of several books published by the Free Press, Addison Wesley and Madison Books. He has also written numerous articles and essays which have been pub... More >>
    • Micah Rosenbloom
    • Founder Partner
    • As the co-founder of two start-ups, Micah Rosenbloom said he learned early on how important it is to achieve an equilibrium in the entrepreneur-venture capital relationship. Rosenbloom's first company offered enterprise software that enabled consumers... More >>
    • Zach Klein
    • Founder Partner
    • It's late 2003. Four early-twenty-somethings run, a Website that started as a casual college hobby and evolved into an Internet giant, garnering millions of pageviews and a ton of buzz. Yet how to make money off of it? "We weren't taken seriously b... More >>


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