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    • When he was still a teenager, "I was lucky enough to work for an entrepreneur, and I decided I was never going to take a traditional job," says Bill Trenchard. "Fortunately the Internet popped up while I was in school, and I saw how I was going to make that happen." He began building a successful start-up track record while an undergraduate at Cornell.

      "My first business was before the offshore boom, it was a sort of outsource-to-Ithaca, instead of outsource-to-India, model," says Trenchard of his days at the remotely-located university. He quickly built a Web software development company, which created software for companies on a contract basis. That quickly turned into a practice of commercializing prototypes of products his company had built, which in turn morphed into Jump Networks, one of the Web's first personal information managers. Jump was later acquired by Microsoft.

      Next, Trenchard started CallCast, a VoIP firm. As it prepared to expand, it merged with another firm called LiveOps in 2001, and Trenchard became CEO of the combined firm, which took the LiveOps name. Over that period, LiveOps grew to over $100 million in annual revenue and 250 employees. It's going strong, and Trenchard remains on its Board.

      Trenchard has discovered additional passions besides entrepreneurship: cultivating an entrepreneurial culture at his alma mater, and investing in others' ventures. Trenchard is the Vice Chairman of [email protected]: "Cornell has great intellectual capital, but it's not in Silicon Valley, not in Boston," Trenchard says. "It's got some of the world's best talent, specifically in science. We're trying to bring to campus some of the culture and campus of Silicon Valley." He's also been an angel investor in several tech companies, including IronPort and Powerset.

      So what drew him to Founder Collective? "Great entrepreneurs know when to pivot and change their plans rapidly to realize the greatest potential for their companies," he says. "As successful serial entrepreneurs themselves, Dave and Eric recognize the characteristics of great entrepreneurs at the earliest stages and know how to help as they build great businesses." What has Trenchard's own serial entrepreneurship taught him? "Successful early-stage investing is most of all about the chef, not the recipe."
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