Roger Ehrenberg

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    • Roger Ehrenberg is the founder and Managing Partner of IA Ventures. He is also the founder of Kinetic Trading Strategies, developers of a unique platform that collects and analyzes unstructured, linguistic (textual) data for the purpose of generating tradable signals.

      Prior to forming IA Ventures, Roger was an active angel investor pursing opportunities through IA Capital Partners, an early-stage investment company focused on digital media and financial technology. Roger made over 35 investments through IA Capital Partners, including TheLadders.com, Buddy Media, Clickable, Magnetic, Invite Media, Solve Media, MyTrade (sold to thinkorswim, now TD Ameritrade), Stocktwits, TweetDeck and Wallstrip (sold to CBS Interactive).

      Roger currently sits on the boards of BankSimple, Metamarkets, Recorded Future, SaveWave and The Trade Desk. Formerly, he served on the boards of Alphacet, Buddy Media, Magnetic, Global Bay Mobile Technologies, Selerity Financial, Stocktwits.

      Earlier in his career, Roger served as President and CEO of DB Advisors, LLC, Deutsche Bankï¾'s internal hedge fund trading platform where his 130-person team managed $6 billion in capital across multiple strategies with offices in New York, London and Hong Kong. Before DB Advisors, Roger was Global Co-head of Deutsche Bankï¾'s Strategic Equity Transactions Group. In 2000, Rogerï¾'s team won Institutional Investor magazineï¾'s ï¾"Derivatives Deal of the Yearï¾" award. As an Investment Banker and Managing Director at Citibank, Roger held a variety of roles in the Global Derivatives, Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Structuring groups.

      Roger holds an MBA in Finance, Accounting and Management from Columbia Business School and a BBA in Finance, Economics and Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

      Roger blogs at http://informationarbitrage.com and tweets at @infoarbitrage.
    • TITLE
    • Managing Partner
    • 156 5th Ave
      New York, NY 10010
      United States


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