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Union Square Ventures
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UNION SQUARE VENTURES - Description and Overview

INVESTOR TYPE Venture Capital
Union Square Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund located in New York City. The fund focuses on IT-enabled services in the media & marketing, financial services, healthcare and telecom verticals.

Union Square Ventures receives and reviews investment proposals and business plans from across the United States and globally, but their investment history does indicate a preference for NY-based companies.

Union Square prefers to be a lead investor and invests primarily in early-stage, Series A or Seed, deals. In terms of deal size, Union Square Ventures' starting position in portfolio companies is $1 million and under almost half the time. They do $2.5 to $3 million Series A deals about one-third of the time.

In general, Union Square Ventures does not put up all the capital in the rounds they lead and will, per the firm, generally take between 50-60% of the round but have done upto 80%. They like to find other venture capital firms to invest alongside but given their small deal size, there may not be enough room for another venture firm and so Union Square Ventures will invest alongside angel investors.


More detailed information and downloadable data for Union Square Ventures including their entire portfolio, amounts invested and industry focus areas is available at CB Insights.