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Questions to ask yourself before deciding to attend a pay-to-pitch event

  • Does the fee seem reasonable? There is a huge difference between paying $100 and $1000. $100 is not a lot and may keep out so-called “wantrapreneurs”. Do you want to attend an event where every Joe with an idea can show up. This is like going to a nightclub that lets everyone in. The crowd is usually ugly and the drinks watered down. That is never good.
  • Why haven’t I met angel investors already? If it is because you’ve gone to events and are a wallflower, paying to attend doesn’t guarantee much upside. You will get to present your idea, but if you can’t strike up a conversation with an angel investor afterwards to answer their questions or expand on your idea or sell them on your vision, you’re dead on arrival.
  • How valuable is your time? Your time is worth something and is the most precious resource you have (or is a close second to money). If this event will get you in front of real angel investors in a known timeframe and in one venue substantially quicker than if you did it on your own, it may be worth looking into.

If you answer the above questions and feel that the event might be worthwhile, it is now time to conduct due diligence on the event and its organizers.