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The typical angel investment process can be painful

Raising money takes time even from angels. Of course, there is a small group of angels (of the super angel variety and usually in Silicon Valley) that may cut a check after coffee, but this is not the norm quite yet. Even after you get an angel investor or angel group interested, they do perform some due diligence which can vary based on the investor. It customarily won’t be as long as a VC’s due diligence requirements but it can be impacted by the number of deals the angel has done before, e.g., more experienced angel investors may have a playbook for due diligence while new angels may want more detail to get every potential question answered as they’ve not done it before.

Depending on the angel investor, the due diligence process will require opening up about your business and even your personal background to an extent that you may not wish to.

But it is fair to expect that if someone is giving you their own money, they will want to know about you and the business beforehand.

Super angels as alluded to above often rely on the fact that the person has been referred by someone trustworthy in their network as a way to reduce the need for due diligence significantly or altogether. In their view, the fact that a credible partner or person they trust has referred the entrepreneur is testament to the credibility of the entrepreneur and idea. This is NOT the norm, but it does occur. It also speaks volumes to the fact that cold “pitching” is not the way you want to go for VC or angel investment. You want to develop and leverage your network.